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Areas of Expertise:
Economic Sociology • Sociology of Markets • Morality and Markets • Innovation, Knowledge and Markets • Health and Markets • Research Methodology • Research Ethics
Education & Certifications:
São Paulo School of Business Administration – Getúlio Vargas Foundation (EAESP-FGV), PhD in Business • Federal University of Paraná, Msc in Business • FAE Business School, BA in Business

Dr. Mauricio Reinert
Maurício Reinert is Associate Professor at Maringá State University Business School. His research interests are centered in economic sociology and sociology of markets, particularly in morally contested markets like health, food for children, or knowledge and education. He explores how the interaction between legality, legitimacy, and morality affects markets. His current research project deals with the two dimensions of health and healthcare: moral and economic. From a moral standpoint, health is an essential part of the human well-being and has a strong social impact. From an economic standpoint, health is essential but not always affordable. It is an important part of the budget of all countries. Economic Sociology has a toolkit to contribute to this discussion because it can address the interaction between public and private interests, between moral and market dimensions. His latest publication “Children´s Snacks, their Ads and Consumer Sovereignty” discuss the regulation of advertisement for food for children from a socio-economic perspective. Maurício has a PhD in Business from Getúlio Vargas Foundation Business School. He was a visiting scholar at University of Michigan-Ann Arbor and visiting researcher at Max Planck Institute for the Study of Societies.
Associate Professor, Maringá State University Business School


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