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Areas of Expertise:
Work Law • Contract Law • Employment Rights • Legal Identity of Work Relationships • Digital Platform Work • Economic Sociology • Political Economy of Contemporary Capitalism
Education & Certifications:
Harvard University, JD • University of California - Los Angeles, PhD in Sociology

Dr. Julia Tomassetti
Julia Tomassetti is an Assistant Professor at the City University of Hong Kong School of Law. Her research centers on work law, economic sociology, and the political economy of contemporary capitalism. Much of her work examines the legal identity of work relationships. She explores the relationship between employment and the modern business enterprise; the tensions among employment, contract, and property rights; and how information technologies shape legal understandings of work relations and business legitimacy. Her latest publication, "Digital Platform Work as Interactive Service Work", critiques tropes meant to connote the exceptionalism of digital platforms by analyzing the labor process of platform work as a form of customer service work. Dr. Tomassetti earned a JD from Harvard and a PhD in Sociology from UCLA, where she worked under the mentorship of Distinguished Professor Maurice Zeitlin. She has been a fellow at the Georgetown University Law Center, Baldy Center for Law & Social Policy at SUNY Buffalo, and Center for Law, Society, & Culture at the Maurer School of Law. Before entering the academy, Dr. Tomassetti practiced campaign finance and employment law in New York City.
Assistant Professor of Law, City University of Hong Kong


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