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Areas of Expertise:
Agriculture and Food Systems • Sustainability and Governance • Environmental Impact Assessment • Ecosystem Services • Social Justice
Education & Certifications:
California Lutheran University • Technische Universität Berlin, Master's Candidate in Environmental Planning

Erik Fruth
Erik is a California Lutheran University graduate and Master's candidate in Environmental Planning at the Technische Universität Berlin. His research and personal interests are centered around agriculture and food systems, sustainability and governance, environmental impact assessment, ecosystem services, and social justice. He's currently a Fulbright researcher in Lao PDR working with the International Water Management Institute to study public consultation processes during dam-construction on the Mekong River. Erik maintains Bushmeat Stirfry, a website and travel blog, where he's writing a multi-part series on young changemakers in Laos. When not researching or writing, Erik spends his time hiking, reading, or cooking.
Fulbright researcher, International Water Management Institute, Lao PDR


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